At Bar Samarcanda with Luigi Palazzo

by Marta Toraldo

Bar Samarcanda ” collection of verses by Luigi Palazzo, published by Transeuropa in the ” new poetry” series, is characterized as a book of poetic narration crossed by the lightness and freshness of thought. A verse where the memory of the past is alive, when the traditions, ancient customs, rituals of rural culture were the founding point of a society rich in values. Bar Samarcanda can therefore be read as a transfigured dream in which the real marries the unreality of a bygone time, in the celestial dream of poetic creation.

Luigi Palazzo’s poems convey to the reader a profoundly political message aimed at recovering those relationships which, found and celebrated in the verses, still have a profound anthropological meaning today in an exercise aimed at re-establishing the quality of the Human. Its rhymes follow a harmonic pace, a logical thread that links linguistic metaphors evoking the uniqueness of situations and characters, Bar Samarcanda is the scene of emotional similarities, of small and large “regrets” projected to build the quality of a future improve. The everyday is the theater, the simple scene of the country, inhabited day after day and interpreted by people and characters who know how to dialogue, confront each other, imagine in the ordinary, the future, in the secret flow of things. Allied poetry that marks the destiny of men in a cycle of hope and dreams.

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