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Poetess and philosopher


Marta Toraldo was born in 1991, in Maglie. Graduated from the Liceo Classico Virgilio with an experimental linguistic address, in 2015 she obtained a Master’s degree in Philosophical Sciences at the University of Salento.

He has published studies, interventions and reflections deepening the themes of anthropology, philosophy, bioethics, and psychology.

In 2015 he licensed, for the Scientific Series of Philosophy by Pellegrini Editore (Cosenza), the essay “Remo Cantoni between philosophy and anthropology”, a review studio dedicated to the work of the Milanese academic.

In 2019, for Spagine Fondo Verri edizioni, he made the research into Italian “Stare nell’assenza. Social drifts and juvenile nihilism “published in 2014 in English with the title” Psychological Disorders and Social Distress Affecting Today’s Youth in Italy: The New Face of Adolescent Problems “in J Psychol Abnorm Child.


His poetic activity is intense. In 2009, at the age of seventeen, he published the collection of verses “Vie Fuggitive” with English translation in the series I Volo dei Libri di Icaro; in 2013 is “El Vacio” published by Lupo with Spanish translation. For the Magazzino di Poesia in Spagine he published “Rebus” in 2015 and “Canto a voce sola” in 2019.

Some of his poems were published in 2013 in a poetic anthological collection of the Mario Luzi Foundation entitled “The unpublished works of the Mario Luzi International Award, Vol n. 3/2012 p. 385-388 by the Presidency of the Italian Republic.

He received the “Wilde Award” in Naples in 2014, in Spoleto in 2015 and in Vercelli in 2016. The Wilde is a European Literary Award, promoted by Dreams Entertainment, the Italian Cultural Association, the Council of Europe, in collaboration with the OPE (European Parliamentary Observatory) and the Council of Europe.

He received a recognition at the Salvatore Quasimodo International Award, in Guidonia, Rome in 2016, and an honorable mention in the Literary Award City of Florence, Centro Cultural Firenze Europa Mario Conti in 2019.

A short biography appears in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Salentini in 2018 edited by Carlo Stasi, Ed Grifo, Lecce, Italy, 2018 pag 1074.

Martha’s books

El Vacio

Marta Toraldo knows the Truth, and wants to share it with those who will read her verses: the power of creativity punctually turns to its annihilation, in order to be reborn again …

Fugitive routes

Is there a poem of youth? The discomfort we know moves faces. It takes away the words. And he who tries, beyond silence, is “holy”!

I sing in a single voice

An important recognition for the poetic research of Marta Toraldo, her collection of verses “Canto a voce sola” – published by Spagine edizioni Fondo Verri, with the cover by Valentina D’Andrea – is a…


In the still unresolved question opened in Italy by the complex and multifaceted work of the Philosopher Remo Cantoni (Milan 14 October 1914 – Milan 3 February 1978) and in the context of a renewed interest in the philosophical and cultural nuclei proposed by the work of the Milanese philosopher , fits in, the agile and punctual compendium “Remo Cantoni between philosophy and anthropology ”written by Marta Toraldo. “A work dedicated to a broad and panoramic revision of the fundamental relationship existing in the Cantonian theory between the focus of the new anthropologies of man that arise from the birth of the ethnographic sciences in the twentieth century and the crisis of classical philosophical thought, involved in the flaming fires and in the ideological horrors and anti-human practices of the Second World War. The points addressed by the author highlight a reconstruction of Remo Cantoni’s path as a theorist and philosopher in his theoretical transformations, in his main hermeneutical, existentialist, anthropological and spiritual figurations.“.

– Prof. Francesco Mauro Minervino
anthropologist at the University of Cosenza

Contributions from Anthropology, Philosophy and Bioethics

Marta Toraldo, Domenico Maurizio Toraldo, Trans-Human and Post-Human: A Challenge for the Human and Philosophical Sciences , Open Journal of Philosophy, 2019, 9, 54-61.

Marta Toraldo, Domenico Maurizio Toraldo, Post-Human or Neo-Vitruvian? The Contemporary Neo-Humanist Revolution , Open Journal of Philosophy 10 (1): 36-44 (2020).

Marta Toraldo, Luana Conte and Domenico Maurizio Toraldo The Risks to Human Evolution Posed by World Population Growth, Environmental and Ecosystem Pollution and the COVID-19 Pandemic , Philosophy Study, March 2021, Vol. 11, No. 3, 232-239.

Domenico Toraldo, Ughetta Vergari and Marta Toraldo Medical malpractice, defensive medicine and role of the “media” in Italy, Respir Med Multidiscip. 2015; 10 (1): 12.


The phenomenon of young people not engaged in education, work or training (Not in Education, Employment or Training, hence the acronym Neet) is an emerging problem on the European scene since the late 1990s. The work of Marta Toraldo illustrates the paths of a research study on the phenomenology of the Neet, integrating different paths and research strategies. Italy is at the top of the European ranking, Sicily in the lead among the regions followed by Calabria and Campania. In Europe, the average of NEETs is 12 per cent: 23.4 for Italy. The photograph of the young Italian Neet shows a particular and intuitive composition in terms of age: in 47% of cases between 25 and 29 years, in 38% between 20 and 24 years and the remaining 15% in the range of 15-19 years. It is also interesting that most of this type of young people have also obtained a high school diploma (49%), compared to 40% with a lower level of education and even 11% of graduates. The problem was approached from a macro-sociological perspective. In the European context, particular attention is paid to the evolution of the Italian situation and the peculiar elements of the Italian Neet population are identified in international comparison “.

Contributions of Psychology

Marta Toraldo, Maria Rita Serio, “Psychological Disorders and Social Distress Affecting Today ‘s Youth in Italy: The New Face of Adolescent Problems“In Abnorm Child Psychol (2013) Vol 3: 114 .
Doi: 10.4172 / 2329-9525.10001142013.

Gianna Mangeli and Marta Toraldo, “ Parent-Child Relationships and Psychological Challenges during Adolescence: Which Solutions?”, Journal of Psychological Abnormalities in Children, (2015) Vol. 4; 145 Iss. 3.Doi: 10.4172 / 2329-9525.1000145.

Marta Toraldo, Staying in absence : social drifts and the nihilism of young people . And. Spagine Scritture, 2019, Fondo Verri, Lecce.

Poetic contributions

The first collection of verses, “Vie Fuggitive”, was published in 2009 by the Icaro-libri publisher of Lecce, in the “Flights” series, with the poems translated into English.

In January 2013 he published, for the Lupo Editions of Copertino (Lecce), “El vacio”, with the verses translated into Spanish. Of “El Vacio”, presented in Italian and Spanish, on youtube it is possible to see the book trailer made by the director Paolo Pisanelli (Big Sur – Lecce), with the acting voices of the actress Silvia Lodi and Rocio Oubina Calonge. The music and images created are not copyrighted.

Italian version

Spanish version

A third collection of verses, “Rebus” was published by Spagine – Edizioni Fondo Verri in 2015 followed, in June 2019, again for the types of Spagine, by Mauro Marino from the collection “Canto a voce sola”,

Some of his poems appeared in April (2013) in the anthological collection of the “Fondazione Mario Luzi”, “The inediti del Premio Internazionale. Vol no. 3/2012, p. 385-388, by the Presidency of the Italian Republic “.

He has received the following literary prizes: European Literary Competition “Wilde Prize” in 2014 in Naples, “Wilde Prize in 2015 in Spoleto, Wilde Prize in 2016 in Vercelli, for the Dreams Entertainment, European Culture Project, in collaboration with OPE (Osservatorio European Parliamentarian) and of the Council of Europe. He also received an award from the international “Salvatore Quasimodo” award in 2016 in Guidonia, Rome, and finally received an honorable mention at the Florence 2019 Award, from the “Centro Culturale FIRENZE EUROPA, MARIO CONTI”.

One of his biography has appeared in “Il Dizionario Enciclopedico dei Salentini” by Carlo Stasi, Ed Grifo, Lecce, Italy, 2018 pag 1074.

He lives in Lecce in via AC Casetti n. 2 CAP 73100, Lecce Italy.

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