Remo Cantoni

Brief synopsis on the content of the book: ” Remo Cantoni between philosophy and anthropology

In the still unresolved question opened in Italy by the complex and multifaceted work of the Philosopher Remo Cantoni (Milan 14 October 1914 – Milan 3 February 1978) and in the context of a renewed interest in the philosophical and cultural nuclei proposed by the work of the Milanese philosopher , fits in, the agile and punctual compendium “Remo Cantoni between philosophy and anthropology ”written by Marta Toraldo. “A work dedicated to a broad and panoramic revision of the fundamental relationship existing in the Cantonian theory between the focus of the new anthropologies of man that arise from the birth of the ethnographic sciences in the twentieth century and the crisis of classical philosophical thought, involved in the flaming fires and in the ideological horrors and anti-human practices of the Second World War. The points addressed by the author highlight a reconstruction of Remo Cantoni’s path as a theorist and philosopher in his theoretical transformations, in his main hermeneutical, existentialist, anthropological and spiritual figurations.“. Prof. Francesco Mauro Minervino, anthropologist at the University of Cosenza.

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